Ideazfirst Brands

Ideazfirst Group has following three legal entities:- 
Ideazfirst Technologies Private Ltd and 
Not for Profit animal welfare trust - Save Cows India Charitable Trust
Ideazfirst Purpose is to offer innovative and intuitive business solutions that offer best ROI, relevant, delightful, and easy to implement. 
Our Brands - Helping HR Teams in reducing employee stress due to remote & work from home (WFH) working culture leading to non-empathy and poor emotional connect.  Helping in increasing caring & affection thereby, increasing loyalty, motivation and productivity among WFH teams.​​​​​​​ - To help make the most strategic brand and celebrity connections 
Cabrand & - Electric Cabs, Electrifying Branding offering Corporate Electric Mobility and branding services
ModelsRus - Talent Management Services for Performing Artistes - Consulting services for hotels, banquets, community halls, convention centres, Auditoriums for better occupancy and ROI. 
The Time Machine = Business Meetings at Boutique Hotels + Wellness Workshops + Team Motivation + Rewards & Recognition = Happy and Productive Team
Our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects - To help reduce stress and increase bliss, harmony and alignment in health, relationships and careers. 

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